Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Now THAT'S missing a deadline!

Cartographica is one among the many specialist journals published by the University of Toronto Press. And included in a notification about a new editorial team taking over (with thanks to the previous editor) is the following notice:

Although there have been a number of efforts to bring the journal's publishing schedule up to date, this is very difficult in the face of such a severe delay, and these efforts have not been successful, despite the work invested in them. The new editorial team is committed to publishing cartographica on schedule and has instituted a number of editorial changes to achieve this goal. Primarily, after publishing volume 38, issue 3/4 (2001), the journal will publish volume 39, issue 1 (2004), essentially skipping two years. Individuals and institutions who have paid for the missed volumes will have their subscriptions extended to cover the 2004 volume.


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