Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stamp of disapproval

The recent flurry of releases from Magazines Canada (formerly the CMPA) concerning postal rates and the Publications Assistance Program (PAP) is taking a new, tougher attitude and a more public stance towards the issues. Previously, CMPA releases were long, technical and somewhat mealy-mouthed and most grumbling took place behind closed doors. Now a spade is being called a goddam shovel, although sweet words are always included about the minister in charge.

In fact it must be noted that the ferocious lobbying of recent months seems to have made Canada Post back off to less than 3% over all, much less than in previous years. Still, it's a mystery why the corporation would want to gouge one of its best customers. It may be based on two factors: the industry has never been able to demonstrate its delivery cost structure to postal's satisfaction; and Canada Post may believe, with some justification, that these customers have nowhere else to go.


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