Thursday, August 18, 2005

St. Joe's hires the A team

St. Joseph Media has hired Donna Clark to be its President. She starts September 12. Clark, it will be easily remembered,was with Rogers Media where she was responsible for the women's services division including Chatelaine, Flare, and Today's Parent and associated websites.

She and Paul Jones were both shown the door at Rogers earlier this year, despite being two of the most senior and well-respected people in the business. Rogers will wish there'd been some way to impose a non-compete clause because St. Joseph Corporation is on a tear, having hired Clark, Sharon McAuley from Transcontinental (to be Vice-President and Group Publisher of Toronto Life and Saturday Night magazines) and also Kenneth Maclean, as Vice-President, Interactive Media Services (ed. note: who he?), described as an "experienced integrated marketer".

Together, they sound like quite a powerhouse; certainly Clark and McAuley are likely to be formidable competitors. At least that's what Chairman Tony Gagliano of St. Joe's seems to expect: "The hiring of these three talented individuals represents an important step towards achieving our goal of becoming the best media organization in the country," he said, when announcing Clark's ascendance to the job previously held by Greg MacNeil.


Blogger Jon Spencer said...

A bit of determined googling reveals that KM was either associated with a Maritimes fire department, or a bagpipist, or perhaps a marketing dude at the agency ninedots that renamed itself Henderson BAS. Hmm. Okey.

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