Friday, September 16, 2005

It ain't what you pay but the way that you read it

How much readers pay for a subscription is a less important indicator of value to an advertiser than how engaged they are with the content (edit and advertising). This said during a high-powered panel in New York, reported by Media Daily News. Rebecca McPheters, president of McPheters and Company, said her company's research showed price did not in fact predict the quality of the reader. Much more important was 'proof' of circulation and 'return on investment'.

Tom Robinson, managing director of Affinity Research, noted that although slightly lower than for paid readers, overall readership of editorial features and recall scores for print ads for non-paid readers still remained surprisingly robust in his group's research.

They were speaking in a panel sponsored by the Magazine Publishers of America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this research than suggest that deep discounting (like Maclean's is testing right now) doesn't really matter to advertisers? If I'm reading this right, what this means in Canada is that the qualitative data from PMB, such as time spent reading, and editorial interest scores, are every bit as important as the quantitative scores for readers per copy?

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