Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The race is not always to the swift

A story out of the U.S. today from the Center for Media Reseach shows so-called "blue state" voters were more likely to have high speed internet access got us to thinking. First, the highlights:
  • Eight states had broadband penetration over 35% - all voted for John Kerry in 2004
  • Eleven states had broadband penetration at or below 20% - all voted for George Bush in 2004
  • Cumulative broadband penetration in states that voted for Kerry was 33% - compared to 25% in states that voted for Bush
Have any magazines out there used readership studies to profile the divide between dial-up and high-speed among their subscribers (understanding that sophisticated Canadians are more likely to have high-speed)? What have they learned? And has it made any difference to what they do?


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