Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ted's less than excellent adventure

If anyone was wondering what Ted Byfield, founder of the late Alberta Report, has been doing lately, the news is what he's not doing anymore. According to an item in the Western Standard's so-called Shotgun Blog his Christian History Project, to publish a series of books on the history of Christianity, is being wound up. The last straw, apparently (note the Biblical reference) was when someone stole their computer server.

For those who don't know, Western Standard is the inheritor of the mantle of Alberta Report. Same western alienation. Similar right wing opinions. Handsome package. Wacky blogsters (recently one called Naomi Klein "an opportunistic communist" and "a celebrated anarcho syndicalist"). It does have some interesting publishing initiatives (the latest being a luxury cruise with various mossback commentators). The publisher is the notorious Ezra Levant.


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