Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Waiting room yuks

Stitches, the humour magazine aimed at doctors, owned and published by trade publisher CLB Media, announced some time ago that it would launch a spinoff, Stitches for Patients. That was due to roll out this summer, but now expected in January.

Stitches itself is funny the way Reader's Digest is funny (in a"Life's Like That" and "Humour in Uniform" way) something that's not always to everyone's taste, but certainly popular with doctors. The magazine depends almost entirely on advertising from big pharmaceutical companies and the content is mostly crudely drawn panel cartoons and columns written mostly by doctors about funny things that happen with their patients (remember that the next time you're up on the table with the paper covering). Stitches for Patients is expected to be more of the same, but reflecting the patients' perspective. That likely means hilarity flowing from backless gowns, proctology, Viagra and childbirth....


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