Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What's up with Canada Post and People magazine?

The Oct. 17th issue of People magazine on page 155 had an ad for Canada Post's "Ship-in-a-click" service, an ad we haven't seen in most Canadian magazines. True, People delivers a large Canadian circulation. But doesn't it rankle that the postal monopoly supports Time Inc. rather than titles that invest in Canadian content? On the other hand, it provides leverage and an excuse for Canadian titles to go after Canada Post for similar support.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

argh! first they provide this subscription service to American magazines at no cost (you know they didn't even plan to include Canadian mags other than a couple of high profile titles) and now they're sending THEM money in the way of ad dollars? if i had a way of boycotting canada post, i would. That's it, nobody gets christmas cards, and santa is just going to have to read my mind this year.

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