Monday, November 07, 2005

Discretion, what discretion?

"I am now 100% certain that The Walrus's future is secured," says Publisher Ken Alexander, according to Antonia Zerbisias's blog for the Toronto Star. Madame Z, as she archly calls herself, interprets this as meaning that Alexander has a commitment from Ottawa that his the Walrus Foundation will be granted desperately needed charitable status, previously denied. But, as one astute observer noted, Alexander's comments are premature and have the potential to screw things up: "Why doesn't he just shut up and let the minister make the announcement?" If it turns out to be true, patience will be repaid. If it's not, well, Alexander's face will have less egg on it.

[UPDATE: Mastheadonline's November 8 issue asked Ken Alexander why he was announcing the matter now. "Because I am." he said. I guess that tells us. Here is the rest of the report.]


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