Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gimme shelter...or golf

An analysis by Oxbridge Communications of the past 10 years of listings in its National Directory of U.S. magazines says that there has been a profound shift away from magazines about religion, alternative sexual lifestyles, ethnic cultures, and business--and significantly more magazines about matrimony, the home, golf, and pets. Stating the obvious, the report says that publishers also appear to have lost interest in general interest publications. The findings are published in Media Daily News.

Up were wedding magazines (+176 per cent), interior design and home magazines (+109 per cent), golf magazines (+89 per cent) and dog-related titles (+65 per cent).

Down were general interest (-77 per cent), gay/lesbian (-41 per cent), religion (-38 per cent), business magazines (-35 per cent), and ethnic titles (-16 per cent).


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