Monday, November 14, 2005

It had to come, unfortunately

It had to come to this. Fairchild Publications, a unit of Conde Nast and the publishers of, among other titles, Women's Wear Daily, Jane, Details and Modern Bride is launching next week a magazine called Cookie which celebrates "the joys of parenthood", but is apparently a lifestyle magazine for parents, featuring goods designed for their children. Sort of Lucky and Cargo for kids, all rolled into one.

Fairchild says the magazine "will showcase all the best for your family, featuring fashion, home, travel, entertainment and health for parents and their children. With a clean, stylish design aesthetic, Cookie is a fun and joyous celebration of the modern family lifestyle."

This includes fashion for kids, ways to have a "no cook" first birthday party, a review of salons where kids can get a professional haircut, travel information on kid-friendly places and an article on the best dog to buy, kids' furniture and toys.

There is nothing that cannot be sold, apparently, including childhood. It's a long way from Cricket or Chickadee. It will probably be quite successful. Can it be long before we see Lou Lou Jr. or Wish for Kids?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmm. I recall seeing this piece of gossip about cookie on Gawker: Si Demands Anorexic Babies

You know how each magazine has to walk Si Newhouse through their “book” every month? (And how he’s famous for the most feeble, general criticisms that lead to frantic editors hitting “undo” — i.e., “There’s a lot of red in here. Too much red”?) Anyway, it came time for Cookie — Fairchild’s shopping-for-yuppie-parents mag, which is launching in the fall — to present. On the cover is a sweet, white, perfectly scrumptious (imagine the casting rigors) baby under a Russian fur hat (probably real fur). Si looks at the whole issue and his response is: “I think that baby’s too fat.”

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