Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It was quite a party

Maclean's celebrated its 100th anniversary with a gala party at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts on Tuesday evening. There were about 500 seats crowded onto the stage, half filled with current and former Maclean's staffers and executives; about half filled by the most eclectic collection of Canadian muckety-mucks imaginable, a miscellancy of political, business, legal and showbiz personalities. The evening was produced by Garth Drabinsky, and featured some splashy, and occasionally spectacular, entertainment. For the details and the dishing, I'd suggest you go to Antonia Zerbisias's blog at the Toronto Star. [UPDATE] And for a review of the night (and a few well-placed questions about the content), go to Martin Knelman's article, also in The Star.

In his brief concluding address, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Ken Whyte acknowledged a number of luminaries and his bosses at Rogers and singled out former Editor-in-Chief Peter C. Newman, who has been involved with the magazine for more than 40 years. Curiously, Whyte did not acknowledge two other former Editors of Maclean's who were there: Bob Lewis and Kevin Doyle. Of all the people in the room who would have empathized with what he is trying to do with the "new" Maclean's (also contains lanolin), they would.


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