Monday, November 07, 2005

Not in our magazine, you don't

Just now catching up to this story, best reported by this item from the website of CBC New Brunswick, about the Irving interests in New Brunswick yanking the magazine Here off the trucks last month because it contained a cover image of a baby being breastfed.

The editor, Miriam Christensen, (who had apparently indicated she was about to quit) was fired and an innocuous cartoon replaced the image before the issue was circulated. Here is a free circulation weekly newsprint tabloid aimed at the youth market (heavy on music and the like) that had been independently owned until 2004 when the Irvings bought it through their division Brunswick News.

For those in the rest of Canada who don't know the New Brunswick scene very well, this is a province where virtually the whole of the private media (not to mention seemingly every gas station) is controlled by one private family, the descendants of K. C. Irving.


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