Thursday, November 17, 2005

Right, n. Not left

This is off topic sinceI can't claim it has anything to do with Canadian magazines, but it's fun, so indulge me. The Editor-in-Chief of The Nation (and, now, its Publisher, too) has compiled the Dictionary of Republicanisms. Here are some of the hundreds of tongue-in-cheek (or knife-in-the-back) definitions, sent in by The Nation's loyal readers.

Dick Cheney
, n. The greater of two evils [Jacob McCullar, Austin, TX]
Extraordinary Rendition, n. Outsourcing terror [Milton Feldon, Laguna Woods, CA]
Healthy Forest
, n. No Tree Left Behind [Dan McWilliams, Santa Barbara, CA]

Voter Fraud
, n. A significant minority turnout. [Sue Bazy, Philadelphia, PA]


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