Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trendwatch south of the border

For those who gauge the Canadian magazine industry by U.S. trends, it is interesting that in the month of October, U.S. magazines measured by the Publishers Information Bureau were down 2.1%, the third monthly decline in a row. But there were standout increases, too. This information from a more detailed report in Media Daily News.

If there was ever evidence for short memories, the stunning resurgence of Martha Stewart Living is proof, increasing 78% for the month, compared with last year during the height of its publisher's perjury scandal and trial. (In Style and Elle were up 26.1 and 22.1 percent, respectively, for the month.)

If there was ever evidence against resurrection, consider that TV Guide's ad pages fell 69.9 percent from its average monthly number of ad pages. In October, the month of its relaunch, the television digest posted just 65.5 pages.


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