Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kathryn Swan to sell for new Transcon "hybrid"

Kathryn Swan, who resigned as Publisher of Torstar's Weekly Scoop in February, has emerged again handling business development for a new publication being developed by Transcontinental Media. This is likely one of the new "hybrid" magadirectories that Transcon is to produce in cooperation with the Yellow Pages group. More on mastheadonline (sub'n requ'd)

Meanwhile, Advertising Manager Tracy Day has been named Publisher of the Weekly Scoop, which is now selling again for $2.99 after a one-week fling of selling for 25 cents.

[By the way, we understand that, though the price promotion seemed to smack of desperation, in fact Weekly Scoop is enjoying a sell-through of something over 60% and is steadily and strategically buying up pockets across the country.]


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