Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Michael Enright comes to the defence of Western Standard

In his opening essay recently on the Sunday Edition, CBC host Michael Enright came to the aid of the Western Standard in its struggle with the Alberta Human Rights Commission over the Standard's decision to publish the so-called "Danish cartoons". Enright notes that most mainstream media demurred from publishing the cartoons, an act which he compared to reporting an earthquake without showing pictures of the damage. He asks some perfectly reasonable questions about why other Canadian magazines and newspapers have not sprung to the defence of the Western Standard in what is clearly a matter of press freedom. And, not surprisingly, WS Publisher Ezra Levant was quick to pick up on the "amazing support from a surprising source" (from within the great Satan, the CBC). If you'd like to listen to the essay, go to the Western Standard blog and click on the link.


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