Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OCAD Publication Show rocks

Tonight attended the 1st annual Publication Show at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Lamentably, this show only runs for 3 days, but if you're able, go and see it. Or make a note in your calendar for this time next year, as it is sure to be repeated after this stellar debut. There is some excellent, and I mean excellent, work from this year's Faculty of Design graduates, featuring magazine, book and annual report designs that reflect what they've learned at OCAD over the last four years.

Particularly interesting was the quality and quantity of illustration, a good many examples of retro and whimsical approaches, some very accomplished use of type and really fine instances of packaging print and webpage design. Much of what is shown could certainly hold its own in the National Magazine Awards.

As I understand it, this show was pulled together in about three weeks. The faculty advisors were Donna Braggins and Karen Simpson. Clearly the show reflects the strength of the publication design curriculum and the formidable faculty plus the kinds of students such a faculty and program attracts. The future of art direction in this country would seem to be in good hands.

The show is in the Great Hall, Level 2 at 100 McCaul Street.


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