Friday, July 14, 2006

Cover that! There are commuters passing!

The ever-shifting margin between pulchritude and pornography apparently shifted across the line for the latest issue of FHM magazine in the U.S. According to a story in Media Daily News, the August issue of the popular, though raunchy, "lad's mag" was wrapped in a plain brown wrapper at three Hudson News outlets in Grand Central Station in New York City.

"With one black vinyl-clad forearm draped demurely over her breasts and a license plate tastefully snapped to the matching bikini bottom, Tera Patrick's photo has thrust FHM across the blurry line between acceptable newsstand images and soft-core porn," said the short item.

"The brown wrappers leave the FHM title visible, pointing to the erotic question: What's more titillating, that which is seen or that which is hidden? In a New York Post article on this subject, an FHM spokeswoman claimed the move was deliberate, saying, 'We sell better when we're partially covered,' adding that the magazine hoped to sell 400,000 copies, exceeding its usual circulation of about 360,000."


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