Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Questions being asked about Transcontinental succession plans

Quebec columnist Konrad Yakabuski in the Globe and Mail (sub requ'd) raises interesting questions about the recently announced hiring of Natalie Larivière as President of Transcontinental Inc.'s major subsidiary Transcontinental Media, which holds all the company's many magazine properties. Ms Larivière comes from rival Quebecor and seems to have leapfrogged over the heads of Isabel and Pierre Marcoux, the children of Transcon founder Remi Marcoux.
"Not to knock Ms Larivière. But it's a perplexing choice that raises more questions than it answers about Transcontinental's future, particularly as it pertains to succession," said Yakabuski.
Isabelle Marcoux, a lawyer, is now working as vice-president of corporate development. She deputized at Transcontinental Media during the period between the departure of André Préfontaine as president of the division and the arrival of Ms Larivière. Pierre is vice-president responsible for the company's French language business publications.
"As far as heir apparents go, Pierre and Isabelle Marcoux are so low profile their names elicit blank stares in most Quebec business circles," said Yakabuski's column. "That's not necessarily comforting news for investors who want to know if either of them can anticipate where the puck is headed. A stint at the top of the media division might offer an indication."


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