Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Canada Post contribution to Publications Assistance Program to continue

PAP is safe, for now. The federal government has directed Canada Post to continue contributing its $15 million in support of the Publications Assistance Program. In a statement made today, Lawrence Cannon, the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, said he had instructed Canada Post to continue the contribution for at least two more years. His announcement was made in tandem with a directive that Canada Post was to come up with a plan to restore and maintain safe and regular mail delivery to rural mailboxes.

Here is the text of Cannon's statement.

The magazine industry, which has been lobbying hard against the $15 million cut, which was to come into effect April 1, was pleased.

“We thank Minister Cannon and (Heritage) Minister (Bev) Oda for their leadership in addressing the need to maintain Canada Post’s partnership in the delivery of Canadian magazines until new solutions can be developed,” says Mark Jamison, chief executive officer, Magazines Canada. “Canadian magazines lead Canada’s cultural media industry with a market share of 41% of total magazine sales and the PAP program and Canada Post delivery of Canadian content magazines play a critical role in this success.”
Canadian Community Newspaper Association Chief Executive Officer John Hinds said:
"This is a strong gesture of support for our industry from the federal government. I would particularly like to thank Minister of Canadian Heritage Bev Oda for her understanding and assistance."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Magazines Canada.

While the liberals have been rolling back PAP like the evil Wal Mart smily face, it's refreshing to see the conservative government understand the importance of the magazine sector, and respond so favorably to Magazines Canada's strong arguments.

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