Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Changes in business and professional
group at Rogers

Further tightening at the Business and Professional Publishing division of Rogers, as Senior Vice-President John Milne consolidates his hold with the departure of four trade publishers: three out the door, one transferred over to the consumer division. This, according to a story in mastheadonline (sub req'd).

Gone are:
  • Richard Elliott, executive publisher Marketing Group/ Meetings and Travel Group;
  • Coatings publisher Peter Wilkinson;
  • Materials Management & Distribution publisher Warren Patterson
  • Also departing was veteran art director Michael Cleland.
Moved over is Jim Hicks, the publisher of Cosmetics and Cosmétiques magazines, who now reports to Mitch Dent, Senior Vice-President, Sales, Consumer Magazines. Apparently there is going to be a tighter cross pollination between these trade titles with consumer titles like Glow and Flare that depend heavily on cosmetics advertising.

Milne, who had headed the professional and medical-related publishing at Rogers, took over the entire portfolio when Harvey Botting retired in the spring.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classy move -- push four long-time employees out the door just before Christmas.

And companies wonder why employee loyalty is on the wane...

1:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thaaaaaat's Rogers!

I'm not saying Ted's publishing house doesn't need to be cleaned but there are other divisions much more desperately in need of a broom, judging by the less-than-stellar products they're pumping out these days. {cough}Consumer{cough}

2:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We miss Harvey... he was a class act.

10:21 am  

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