Monday, February 19, 2007

Intervenors sought in support
of accessible TV license

Steve Trumper, former managing editor at Toronto Life, now a magazine instructor at Ryerson, has asked (through a post to the Toronto Freelance Editors and Writers list) for backing (moral, rather than financial) for a project in which he's deeply involved through an organization called VoicePrint Canada.

He's asking people to intervene in support of a license application before the CRTC for a new, digital specialty channel to be called The Accessible Channel. Trumper even came up with the tagline: News. Entertainment. Inclusion.

It would broadcast a wide range of programming from major networks in both “closed-captioned” and “described” formats. The one, you're probably familiar with, with text running at the bottom of the screen. The other involves (well, I'll let Steve explain):
For those unfamiliar with description, it is a process by which a narrative description of the “visual elements” of a TV show (news and entertainment) or movie production are added to a soundtrack, painting a picture in words of what is going on “on screen.” Similar to close captioning, which allows people who are hearing impaired to access movie and TV dialogue; description transforms images into words so blind and low vision viewers can experience television and movies, to
Time is of the essence; the deadline for submissions in March 8. Full details on how to intervene are available on the VoicePrint Canada website.


Blogger Joe said...

In fact, writers should *oppose* the application, as it segregates people with visual impairments onto one channel and props up VoicePrint's failed business model. Do some research before you endorse.

If you're so concerned with accessibility, why does your comment field use a CAPTCHA?

6:08 pm  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

Not so much an endorsement as a heads-up to those who might wish to. Because we allow for anonymous posting, it is necessary to moderate posts to prevent spam. (No one, including you, is obliged to post anonymously.)

7:03 pm  

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