Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tyler Brûlé's Monocle debuts
Monday in Canada

Expatriate Canadian wunderkind Tyler Brûlé launched his new magazine Monocle on Thursday in London; copies should be available Monday in Canada, priced at about $12 a copy, according to a story on The Winnipeg-born visionary behind the distinctive title Wallpaper* (now owned by Time Inc.) could be said to have taken Wallpaper's style and annealed it to serious news, mostly financial. Like Wallpaper, it has a resolutely worldwide outlook. (Photo: CBC)

The 200-page premier issue has stories about Japan's defence forces, a Q&A with the chief executive of Lego and a cultural report about Afghan music."I think what people will get when they read Monocle is a truly global title which doesn't live along national boundaries and I think so much media is regionalized today," Brûlé said in an interview with CBC Television. The more indepth, serious approach should appeal to people dealing with multiple cultures, he said...
"I think this magazine will speak to Canadians as much as it will speak to Australians and Japanese," Brûlé said, adding that it's not just for the jetset.

"This is also for someone who might live up in Scotland or someone who lives in Manitoba who just wants quality coverage as well."

Brûlé, who started Wallpaper in 1996 and sold it the following year for $1.63 million, is well aware of the risk of starting a new magazine, but his forecasts are optimistic.

He expects Monocle will be selling 200,000 copies within six months.


Anonymous joyceb said...

To paraphrase Colin McAllister, I'm pitching a tent in my magazine panties.

In a week where I'm mourning Toro, the anticipation of this debut gives a little comfort.

10:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never found a thing of interest in Wallpaper. A lot of hype IMHO.

10:01 am  

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