Thursday, April 12, 2007

Teen People web venture to be wound up

Apparently it was not a brave, new world for, the online version of Teen People, which Time Inc has announced will be subsumed within the People magazine website. It has been less than a year since the print magazine was discontinued with a lot of bold talk about the digital future.

The readers of Teen People were said to be more attuned to accessing the content online, making the print magazine redundant, it was said. Well, according to a Folio: story, the traffic didn't bear out the high hopes.
Sites such as and have in the past posted impressive traffic relative to print circulations but lag far behind other sites that cater to their audience, such as MySpace, according to a recent report in Folio:. had 435,000 unique visitors in March of 2006, but is currently not meeting the minimum sample standards needed for Nielsen/NetRatings to project its current audience size, reported today.

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