Monday, July 09, 2007

Toronto Life's Conrad Black
trial blog still going strong

I have to admit that I was sceptical about Toronto Life's decision to do a daily blog about the Conrad Black trial in Chicago. Not only about whether they'd be able to sustain it, but whether there would be good content and good traffic. Apparently all were forthcoming. The blog is now in Day 72.

With the trial over and the jury out and due back imminently, we might wonder what chief poster Douglas Bell will do with his time after the verdict and whether the blog will follow the fortunes of Conrad no matter what the outcome.

Like all comment-heavy sites, there are people who make thoughtful posts and other people who dish out insults. But the goal of setting up such web sites that Toronto Life seems to be being realized. A real, if perhaps ephemeral, community has been created. And the magazine's brand is front and centre.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the blog is a sham. There are four regular contributors who insult eachother hourly. The blog gives the impression that very few people
read this magazine. The blog should be shut-down, because in my view gives a bad impression about this magazine

5:39 am  

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