Wednesday, September 05, 2007

These things add up, you know: tallying the price tag for U.S. fashion mags

The blog Jezebel deployed two of its interns to plow through the September issues of fashion "ladymag" magazines published out of the U.S. and tally up what the price tag was for the "expensive shit" that was contained therein. Their best guess is as follows:

Most Shameless September Ladymag: Elle. Total Shit: $73,566,063

Glamour. Total Shit: $1,511,568
Vogue . Total Shit: $1,183,357
Harper's Bazaar. Total Shit: $1,043,716.53
W*. Total Shit: $731,843
Marie Claire. Total Shit: $515,291.67
Lucky. Total Shit: $274,502
Allure. Total Shit: $232,172.47
Teen Vogue. Total Shit: $74,458
Cosmopolitan. Total Shit: $27,636.64
[We have no idea what this means, gentle readers. We invite those of you with time on your hands to do the same for Fashion, Flare, Fashion Quarterly and Elle (Canada and Quebec). We don't have interns.]



Blogger Ritika said...

Inspired by your call to arms...
September Fashion =$201,091

Of which:
Apparel & Accessories= $191,671, most expensive item dolce & gabbana coat for $9165
Other = $3502

Note: While I do have a not-so fancy spreadsheet to back this up, this was done while watching an episode of CSI, so take with grain of salt.

9:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

N.B., there are a few items listed as "price upon request" as well as some unpriced items (men's outfits, sunglasses, etc...) Let's call it $215,000

8:49 am  

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