Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Green Living will turn 10 and quarterly

Green Living magazine is celebrating its 10th year of publication with a major relaunch as a full-size, national quarterly as of Spring 2008. What began as the annual Enviroguide, which provided information about environmentally friendly goods and services, it went bi-annual in 2004, and in 2005, was redesigned and renamed Green Living to reflect an expanded editorial content. (shown is the Fall/Winter 2007 issue).
"An increasingly large number of Canadians recognize that a greener lifestyle not only benefits their health, homes and families but also their planet," says Green Living Enterprises President Laurie Simmonds. "Green Living has a solid 10-year track record in providing consumers with the information they need to make responsible, affordable and stylish choices about the way they live and the goods and services they buy."
Recent surveys have clearly shown that more and more consumers are concerned about both their own and the larger environment, and are actively searching for information and daily-life solutions. Green Living is perfectly positioned to be a primary resource for this fast-growing segment. For almost a decade, it has provided its readers with entertaining and informative eco content, ranging from food, fashion and homes to beauty products, energy-saving tips and compelling investigative stories - all delivered in a visually sophisticated package.

Editors are Mary Anne Brinckman and Jocelyn Laurence and Creative Director is Gary Hall.

The magazine is associated not only with the recently launched website, but also the Green Living Show Toronto. This spring, a spinoff Green Living Show will debut in Vancouver.

Green Living is owned by Environmental Defence, a not-for-profit environmental organization and is published under licence by Green Living Enterprises, a division of Key Publishers Company Limited. (In effect, it is a sort of retirement project for Michael DePencier, ramped up after he sold Toronto Life and the other Key Publishers titles to St. Joseph Corporation. According to the Green Living website, Key is "currently focused on encouraging the preservation of biodiversity, protecting natural habitats, investing in the environmental economy and spreading the environmental message to the public through its practices and publications.") Key has also created Investco Capital Corporation, which invests in green enterprises.


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