Thursday, October 25, 2007

Harrowsmith Country Life launches companion "100% Canadian" almanac

Harrowsmith Country Life magazine has launched a companion, wholly Canadian, almanac.

Now, almanacs (particularly published at this time of year) are nothing new. But usually they are American or repurposed American content. This one promises to be 100% Canadian, right down to the weather.

"Don't be fooled by the American Almanac that claims a "Canadian edition". Harrowsmith Country Life magazine introduces Harrowsmith's Truly Canadian Almanac," say the publishers.

"The all-Canadian cast features organic gardening, green living, eco-homes, long-range weather forecasts, month-by-month night sky, useful calendar, a celebration of our small towns and so much more ! The most useful compendium of entertainment and information for countryside-loving Canadians. The Truly Canadian Almanac features all the gardening, do-it-yourself, country cooking and eco-homes stories that you count on from Harrowsmith, plus all the astrology and weather forecasts you expect from a farmer's almanac."

The almanac, which is edited by Bridget Wayland, is available for $8.95, including GST and shipping; or you can order it for the next three years for $20.80. Advertisers can buy a full page, 4-colour ad for $4,995. There is no word on what the expected circulation will be.



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