Monday, October 22, 2007

Is Transcontinental plum job
sour to the taste?

Is it taking an unusually long time to find a new boss at Transcontinental Media?

Back in July, it was announced that Francine Tremblay, until that point the Senior Vice-President of Consumer Magazines responsible for all English and French consumer titles, would be focussing on the Quebec Consumer Group effective November 1. A wholly new position, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Magazines, was being created and the headhunters started beating their jungle drums more than three months ago.

But now, less than two weeks until Tremblay moves on, there is still no word. In theory, at least, this should be one of the plum jobs in Canadian publishing, piloting the largest stable of consumer magazines in the country, with something like 11 million readers a month. There are not such a lot of senior management jobs in Canadian magazines. Could it be that the prevailing ethos as Transcon, requiring champagne results on a beer budget has made good, ambitious candidates shy away?


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