Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What should we do about Indigo deal? asks the Book & Periodical Council

The Book and Periodical Council (BPC) is asking its members what stance the organization should take (if any) on the issue of Indigo Books & Music taking over all sales of books and periodicals to school libraries, with the blessing of the Ontario Liberal government.
As you know, during the Ontario Provincial election Premier Dalton McGuinty announced $120 million in additional new funding over four years for books and [school] librarians across the province," said a memorandum to members from Executive Director Anne McClelland. "The Premier made this announcement at an Indigo Books & Music chain bookstore. Heather Reisman [Indigo's CEO] then committed to providing all the books to schools at Indigo’s cost.

"While the announcement in principle is fantastic and everyone is very pleased that the Ontario Liberals are committing to a major funding initiative for school libraries in the province, the proposal to direct the funding for the libraries through one single retailer without any tendering process is of major concern."
BPC is the umbrella organization for associations involved in the writing and editing, publishing and manufacturing, distribution, and selling and lending of books and periodicals in Canada (Magazines Canada is a member). Member organizations are being polled to find out a) whether their organization is taking a position, b) whether they think the BPC has a role to play, c) if so, what role and d) what message should be delivered to the Ontario government.

The McGuinty announcement took the industry completely unaware and seems to ignore the fact that wholesalers and library buying services -- which often handle magazine subscriptions too -- already have arrangements in place with schoolboards and school librarians across the province.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, can someone please crumble Heather Reisman's empire. It's bad enough that she has a monopoly on bookstores(RIP Lichtman's), does she really need more of my freakin' money.

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