Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rogers b-to-b titles pull out of the
Canadian Business Press

[NOTE: This story has been updated. See below.]

Rogers Media Publishing is pulling out of the Canadian Business Press (CBP). With its membership will go about 40% of the CBP's budget. Of the 160 CBP member titles, Rogers publishes 36, in both French and English, including some of the largest.

John Milne, Senior Vice-President, Rogers Business & Professional Group has sent a memorandum to his senior managers in the business-to-business division announcing the decision, which was discussed informally with several publishers of Rogers' trade magazines recently. It is understood that the company wants to negotiate some form of association with Magazines Canada, the principal consumer magazine publishing association.

[UPDATE: Here is the story as reported to its members on the CBP website. Interestingly, it suggests that there is willingness by CBP to enter into discussions about reuniting its involvement with that of Magazines Canada in one annual industry conference. A meeting is scheduled for next week, it says, between MagsCan chair Robert Goyette and CBP Chair David McClung.

And here is the story as carried by Mastheadonline (sub req'd), including quotes from John Milne.]

It is not clear what impacts this decision will have elsewhere in the magazine industry. For instance, CBP's partnership in Magazines University, the annual magazine conference run with North Island Publishing, publishers of Masthead magazine. Or the annual Kenneth R. Wilson Awards for trade publishing which are run by CBP although membership in the organization is not necessary for specialized business, trade and farm publications to enter. Rogers has been a major sponsor of the awards.

It is also not known whether any other magazines or magazine groups will decamp from CBP to join a possible new b-to-b caucus within Magazines Canada.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Canadian Business Press do something wrong to deserve this?
What's the business case for opting out?

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