Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Canadian Lawyer magazine
names top blawgs

Canadian Lawyer magazine has published a list of what columnist Gerry Blackwell considers the Top 10 legal blogs in the country.
A few years ago, blawging — blogging by lawyers — was almost unheard of. Now dozens are doing it in Canada; scores, possibly hundreds, are doing it in the U.S.
The list ranges fairly widely in style and content, though it acknowledges that tech-related practitioners are more likely to blog. The factors that make a good blog, says Blackwell, are:
  • consistency -- posting at least weekly
  • lively writing
  • well-designed site
  • posts should not be dissertations ("a common failing among some Canadian blawgers")
  • blog should be focussed ("if it's about family law, don't tell us about your vacation")
  • it should engage readers, foster discussion
  • it should make it easy to post and read comments ("a few Canadian blawgers inexplicably don't accept comments")
When dipping into a new blawg, I count comments. The more there are, I figure, the more people are reading — a sure sign of a blawg worth reading — and the greater the chances of lively exchanges. That being said, absence of comments, as we’ll see, doesn’t necessarily mean a dull or worthless blog.
Anyway, here's CL's list:


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