Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New York-based fashion book Z!nk launches Canadian quarterly edition

Fashion Week is in high gear, particularly in Toronto, and as part of the celebrations, the 6-year-old New-York-based fashion/lifestyle book Z!nk has given birth to a huge (304 pages in its premiere edition) quarterly, Canadian edition.

It will be published in Montreal and has a projected circulation of 200,000 within the first year, says Media in Canada. (The magazine's Canadian media kit quotes $12,000 for a one-time, 4-colour page. No circulation data is provided.)

Z!nk was co-founded by Canadian-born model Isabelle Sabourin and the magazine "targets a unique set of influencers, capturing the imagination of industry insiders and the consumers who follow their lead," says editor-in-chief/publisher Sheriff J. Ishak - the husband of Sabourin.

Canadian luminaries featured in the magazine's premiere Canuck issue include: photographers Geoffrey Barrenger, Paco Garcia and Duncan Mackenzie, designers Renata Morales, Paul Hardy and Marie Saint Pierre, and Adrian Mainella, host of CBC's Fashion File.



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