Monday, April 14, 2008

Cottage Life launches lake-centred
online platform

Cottage Life magazine has launched a social networking site that will allow its readers to create their own online community centred on whichever lake their cottages are on. According to a story in Mastheadonline, the new collaborative platform called My Lake, can be reached through and allows users to upload cottage information and pictures, and start conversations with other users. (The sort of things they have traditionally done at the local marina where they go to gas up the Peterborough, get milk, ice, bread and day-old newspapers.)
It also may provide another place to sell space.
Randy Craig, director of advertising and marketing at Cottage Life, says the market for My Lake was wide open. “There really isn’t anything available out there today that has the opportunity for cottagers to connect,” he says. Remax and Ford are already advertising on the space, Craig says. As individual lakes build up their forums, he anticipates independent local real estate agents will want to get involved.
“My Lake is such a big initiative, I think it’s going to take a while for it to get populated,” Craig says. “As we improve it, I think it’s only going to become bigger and better.”



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