Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bon Appetit finds more ad real estate to sell

The current (May) issue of Bon Appetit magazine has turned over its business side masthead as an advertising promotion, according to an article in Advertising Age.
We wouldn't have thought there was much real estate left in magazines still untouched by advertisers, not after Mini USA appropriated the staples in Rolling Stone. But Starbucks has found some.
The masthead is presented in the form of a coffee-shop chalkboard, with handwritten comments from various names on the business side saying what they like to have with their favourite Starbuck's blend at home. Among the choices: lemon and yogurt granola and pecan pie.
The masthead, which is marked "promotion" at the top, is one page in a two-page Starbucks spread. The ad was the result of collaboration among the marketer, Conde Nast's Bon Appetit and the MediaVest media agency after MediaVest sent a "call for innovation" to its print partners.



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