Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maisonneuve calls the Globe on non-response to Canadian prison story

Nice things have been said before, here, about Maisonneuve magazine's daily Media Scout news roundup. But special congratulations are due for a particularly hard-hitting item in today's summary, written by Drew Nelles. It calls into question the flaccid response that the Big 7 media outlets made to a just-released report from Canada's prison ombudsman.

Some outlets didn't bother to cover it at all, including the Globe and Mail, Canada's self-described "national newspaper". Noting that the Globe front-paged instead a support about a Canadian in jail in China and makes an apt point:
But MediaScout wonders why the Globe devotes so much space to a Canadian prisoner in China, and none at all to a scathing report on racism and neglect in Canada’s own penal system. Canadians might not be surprised to hear about injustice in the jails of an authoritarian state, but if this country’s media keep ignoring the deep problems in our own prisons, we’ll remain under the false impression that all is well behind Canadian bars.


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