Monday, July 28, 2008

Keep up the good work, auditor general tells the Canada Council

The federal auditor-general says the Canada Council for the Arts should keep up the good work. The Council, which is a significant funder of literary and cultural magazines, got a gold star in the review, which is done every 5 years.

The report stated that “the Council has implemented a series of policies and procedures that as a whole ensure that grant applications are processed in a fair, consistent, and objective manner” and that “the Council has an established policy framework and practices to ensure its own independence, as well as to manage conflicts of interest.”

There was also a recommendation, which the Council accepted, that it review the over 140 grants programs it offers in order to make sure they align with its strategic vision. The Council says it will put into place a regular formal process of review.

A full version of the auditor general's report is available.



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