Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PMB to move to bi-annual release of data
starting in 2009

The Print Measurement Bureau, which provides readership and reader buying information to the publishing and advertising industry, has announced effective 2009 it will release its database twice a year -- in March and September.

The database, including attendant brand purchase information, will continue to be based on a two-year national random sample of approximately 25,000. PMB measures readership of 115 publications, both English and French and consumer usage of over 2,500 products and brands. It is a non-profit, tripartite organization funded by publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies.

In a release, PMB said "the above timing improvements will occur with absolutely no compromise on the traditionally high PMB data quality levels."
The enhancements are being made in response to member requests for more current, up-to-date information on magazine readership and on trends in product and brand usage. Those requests reflect the rapidly evolving media scene, both in Canada and internationally. We believe the improvements are continuing evidence of PMB’s excellent record of vitality and data service to the Canadian industry for over 35 years.



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