Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alberta discrimination case dismissed against former Western Standard publisher

A drawn-out hearing of the Alberta Human Rights Commission has resulted in the dismissal of a complaint against Ezra Levant, the former publisher of the Western Standard. The complaint was filed by the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities, accusing Levant of discrimination for republishing the "Danish" cartoons which lampooned the prophet Muhammad.

Levant wrote an op-ed piece in the National Post about the decision and another on his blog, where he said:
[W]e shouldn’t be too giddy. Because look closely at what [investigating officer Pardeep] Gundara has said. He didn’t say I was free. He said I merely met his censorship standards, so I may go. Those are two completely different things.
(In fact, the actual dismissal came in the form of a decision document and cover letter from Director Marie Riddell, based on a confidential investigative report submitted by Gundara which, amazingly, the director made public as her own reasons for decision.)

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