Thursday, September 18, 2008

Copies up, dollars up, but Canadian magazine market share slips

Canadian magazine publishers get a 38% "share of wallet" for the approximately $870 million spent on audited magazines in this country, according to a study by released by Rogers Publishing.

The data and commentary is compiled by Michael Fox, the senior vice-president of circulation and development at Rogers (and a stalwart supporter of Magazines Canada).

Using available single copy and subscription sales data from 228 Canadian and 551 American titles, all of them audited by either the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) or BPA/Canadian Circulations Audit Bureau (CCAB), Fox points out that spending on magazines in 2007 was up $20.7 million from 2006 but that Canadian magazines' market share has declined by 3% since 2003.

U.S. single copy sales account for the largest share, at 45% of dollars. 24% of revenue ($207.8 million) went towards subscriptions for Canadian magazines.

A full pdf of the report is available here.


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