Friday, September 26, 2008

It's not nice to fool your readers

Some readers of women's weeklies in Britain are not only grumbling about inflated headlines, they're holding the magazines to account. According to a story in the Guardian, two separate complaints to the Press Complaints Commission were about tantalizing coverlines that turned out to be misleading.
One reader objected to the front cover of Look magazine which pictured Jennifer Aniston with the caption "I'm having a baby!", when in fact the article only said she was thinking about having a baby.

The complainant, Elaine Benton of Berkshire, accepted an apology from the editor of Look and the reimbursement of cover price as resolution of her complaint.

However, an OK! reader went one better. Marlene Bentley of North Yorkshire received a six-month subscription to the magazine after criticising a misleading teaser.

The front cover of OK! featured a headline about the "Star-studded wedding" of Wayne Rooney to Coleen McLoughlin, which Bentley said would have misled readers to believe the issue contained coverage of the wedding.

Instead, the magazine contained just a single full-page advertisement for the wedding to be covered in the following week's edition.


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