Monday, November 17, 2008

Readership not the problem at Wish and Gardening Life; just not enough advertisers

About 20 people will lose their jobs at St. Joseph Media with the imminent closure of Wish and Gardening Life, according to an interview with Doug Knight, president, interviewed by Masthead magazine. Knight said that the closure was the "prudent" course in the face of an expected protracted advertising slump. The emphasis has to be on big and established titles lke Toronto Life and Fashion. "They'll be absolutely fine through this."
“The irony in all of this, is that this is not a problem of readership,” Knight said. “Readers love the magazines. Gardening Life had one and a half million readers. But if you look at the category: Conde Nast shut down House and Garden after 106 years of publishing…Fabulous audience. Great demographics. Enormous reader interest. Beautiful magazines. But advertisers were just not there in sufficient volume to support the magazines over time.”
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at simply charging the readers more for their subscriptions? If they're enthused and loyal, then they should be asked to show it. Last time I looked, a Wish subscription was about $14 (if I remember right), which is laughably low.

I'd love to know how much more the magazine would have to charge to make up the shortfall from advertisers? There must be a reason it hasn't been done that way up to now.

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