Friday, November 14, 2008

Wish and Gardening Life closed by St. Joseph

I realize that this only contributes to the pall that I am struggling against in the post below, but I regret to report that two of St. Joseph Media's magazines, Wish and Gardening Life, are being suspended. A memo to staff from President Douglas Knight, reported in Mastheadonline, says, in part:
The global financial crisis has triggered such a dramatic decline in advertising markets that prudent media companies around the world are evaluating their portfolios and making tough decisions about those brands least able to withstand the downturn.
While the memo praises both titles for their deep connection to their readers, this was apparently not enough. Gardening Life, launched in 1996, had a paid circulation of 72,000; Wish, launched in 2004, had a paid circulation of 83,000. Its ad pages and inserts were actually up 5% in the first three quarters according to Leading National Advertisers Canada and Wish was down 5%. However the St. Joseph decision is doubtless based on prospects for the next quarter and the year to come.

There is no word on how many people will be dismissed as a result of the decision.
“These decisions take nothing away from the pride we share in the creative excellence of both Wish and Gardening Life magazines. Both magazines have been widely praised for the quality of their journalism, photography and design and both magazines have connected deeply with their loyal readers,” Mr. Knight told staff
More later. The complete St. Joseph release.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

St. Joe's decision is most likely based on the prospect that if folks aren't going to shop for the next year, then they certainly will hold little interest or use for a shopping magazine.
Similarly, with the restaurant business and condo market suffering a worsening decline, perhaps Toronto Life will lose its audience.

3:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are a large independent newsstand in Halifax that has just celebrated our 35th anniversary. I was surprised to see this info and I am always sorry to see magazines disappear. One of the things we stuggle with is trying to stay up to date. We get anywhere from three to ten new magazines from around the world each week. What is not easily found is any that have stopped or suspended publication. I am thankful to have found your blog as you have the some of the info I am looking for.

3:55 pm  

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