Monday, February 16, 2009

Facebook changes the rules

[This post has been updated]Facebook pages continue to be very popular ways for writers and photographers and magazines to promote themselves, but they may now have second thoughts. An article from the internet advertising and media site Adotas says that the terms of service have been subtly changed so that your old content, including pictures, may not only become Facebook's property, but that it can repurpose the material and resell it. Previously, the contract language said -- and users believed -- that, if you closed your account, your content was removed.

[UPDATE: Facebook CEO says "Oh, never mind about that content thing"]


Blogger Rob said...

Aren't most freelancers livid when newspapers and magazines try to make the same claim?

This can't be good...

2:35 pm  
Anonymous Beth said...

Yikes! I wonder how many people know about this?

Facebook is slipping up a lot lately. I've noticed that they frequent post ads for work at home scams.

I guess FB is okay with taking advantage of people in order to make a buck.

7:24 pm  
Anonymous Kim Pittaway said...

FYI, Facebook founder's (non)response on this reported at

9:43 am  

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