Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From the genteel world of magazines...

A concert sponsored by Abort magazine in Vancouver had to be broken up by the Vancouver police when controversial New York rapper Necro (he's the one in the middle) failed to show up and fans, um, demonstrated their displeasure.

According to a report on the Abort magazine website, fans had been waiting for hours at the Richards on Richards nightclub on Saturday, only to be told that Necro's appearance would be postponed until Sunday.
Initially the announcement was met with a moderate response but moments later patrons began to throw glasses, bottles, tables and chairs at the stage where the DJ still stood. Richards on Richards staff were among the injured: one of the security staff received a deep gash on his head when hit with a glass bottle.


Anonymous blog reader said...

I suppose Necro was taking the magazine's title to heart - Abort...

6:48 pm  

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