Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quote, unquote: replicating magazine ad value

“Like me, I’m sure most of you occasionally buy a magazine because you want to check out the advertising. But I’ve never—and I’ve never heard anyone else—go to a website to look at the ads. As soon as we can replicate the values that make people seek out ad info in print, we’ll really have something. But until that point, it won’t work too well.”
-- Nick Bogarty, director of the Adobe Digital Publishing Group, speaking at a seminar on e-books hosted by Media Bistro. (The panelists, by the way, concluded that the $9.99 standard price for e-book sites wouldn't be sustainable without advertising.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the end of the year approaches, this short item on magazine value indirectly underlines the invaluable qualities of your website - it is often more fair, balanced and informative than many of the subjects it covers. D.B. Scott, you and fellow contributors have made it the gold standard for coverage for anyone who follows the sometimes perilous life cycle of the industry. Congratulations and may you have well-deserved break.

3:40 pm  

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