Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Redwood custom publisher being rebranded as Evolution something

[This post has been updated]Redwood Custom Communications of Toronto, Canada's largest producer of custom-published magazines, and which was recently acquired by Transcontinental Media,  is being rebranded early in 2010 to be called Evolution
Though run  independently,  the company has been for the past decade the North American licensee of its British parent, Redwood, which is one of the world's largest custom publishers.
  After almost a decade of thriving under the shade of the mighty Redwood tree, we as an organization felt it was time for a change. With a new creative mandate and the spirit of renewal at heart, we decided that our "outer shell" needed to reflect the revitalized energy we feel inside," says a statement on the company website. "As we evolve as an organization, so must our skin. Think of this as our "chrysalis" stage, as we metamorphose into a newer and better version of ourselves. Stay tuned."
[Update: as will be seen in the comment from Eric Schneider, CEO of Redwood, Evolution is not the new name; it is a "staging platform" being used to intrigue us about the launch of the new name. Sorry for missing the subtlety.]


Anonymous Eric Schneider, CEO Redwood said...

Evolution is not Redwoood's new name. It is a staging platform to reveal the new brand name. The name will be reveal sometime Jan 2010 with a full launch in March 2010. Follow on Twitter: EvolutionRCC or Facebook:

9:25 pm  
Anonymous Helena Handbasket said...

Consider me intrigued !

11:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So does this mean that Redwood is doing well or tanking? Any thoughts or context? Anyone?

1:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this couldn't look anymore dated. It's very confusing too. It does make me think Redwood is changing it's name to Evolution. Someone, please fix the E. It's falling!

7:56 pm  

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