Friday, February 19, 2010

Former publisher of Style launches Trends quarterly for fashion and retail industry

A new quarterly magazine for the fashion and retail industry has been launched by the former vice-president and publisher of Style magazine and Canadian Jeweller, Kait Walker. According to a story in Marketing magazine, Walker believes Trends will be serving a market niche left unserved by the suspension of Style.
"I was looking out for Style to relaunch but it never happened," [Walker] said. "I was getting calls from retailers and advertisers asking me what was going on with Style and telling me there was a real need in the industry for a publication. So I thought, ‘Why not start a brand new magazine and give the people what they want?' "
The magazine, whose first issue was in January, will have a controlled circulation of 7,500 copies and rely largely on a freelance staff. A 1x full page ad for the magazine is $4,400.
"Perhaps down the road I might make it a subscription online service, but right now it's about building the brand," [said Walker].



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