Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Inc.magazine opts to try a virtual office for a month

Inc. magazine has decided to go "office-less" for a month-long experiment. Aware of the widespread use of such tools as Skype and Google and other means of doing work remotely, from home and from different cities, the magazine's staff is trying out how a  highly dispersed virtual company might operate.Word of the experiment was published in a post by staffer Max Chafkin.
The reporters and editors have taken surveys on our work habits, downloaded new applications onto our computers and smartphones, and created checklists to help us collaborate even when we won’t see each other face to face as we normally do. Most of us will be working from home offices for the month of February. The rest will be scattered among hotels, co-working spaces, and the occasional laptop-friendly café.
 The Inc. staff will be blogging about their experience and doing video interviews with experts on virtual work. An article or series will be published in the April issue of the magazine documenting their experiences.


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